Please stop by the church office at 509 West Screven St. Quitman, GA and fill out and sign a background check application form or you may simply click on the direct link below to fill out one online on their secure website.
or to request a link be emailed to you, please

First Baptist Church Quitman, GEORGIA

Hello Church Family,
We have several who have inquired about the process and wanted some clarification.
– Our background checks cover criminal history and do a “social trace”. A social trace is simply a check on past places of residence.
Our background checks do not check financial history. So, a financial/consumer history is not a part of what we receive.
The paper consent form we use is simply a general form given to us by the company. In the future, we will make sure a notation is
placed on the bottom of the form that clearly states that a consumer/financial check is not a part of our background checks.
– Anytime a background check is done, you may request a free copy of your results from Protect My Ministry.
– We keep all background checks safely locked in the church administrative office area.
– We seek to update our background checks yearly.
– Even though we do not do a financial check, I do encourage people to be aware that background checks
that also look into your financial history does not aversely impact your credit score as many believe.
Credit scores are only impacted by what is known as a “hard hit” on them. A background check is known as a “soft hit”
and does not impact your score in any way. Again, our checks don’t delve into this area
but I find it helpful to be aware of this for future reference.
– Also, we welcome anyone who has further questions to feel free to look up or contact Protect My Ministry.
I have found them to be very helpful in the years I’ve worked with them.
Their website is Phone number is 1-800-391-5581
I hope this helps. If anyone has any further questions, feel free to direct them my way.
God bless,
First Baptist Church